【Katy】Eyeddict 1day X 秋日紅茶妝

【Katy】New Choice !Japanese Brand New 1Day Lens- Eyeddict

Post time:2018-04-23 12:00

Hi Guys! We have a new Japanese Natural styles 1Day Color Contact - Eyeddict 1day

With 14.2mm small diameter, it should be your daily partner in this season. 

No idea on your new year makeup? Let’s see Katy’s mix and match tutorial.

Those who love to wear Japanese Color Con may know the brand – Fairy

Eyeddict is the newest styles produced by the same company. 

Total of 6 styles of brown or gray lens in this series. Upgrade Ver.! 

With UV Protection & more comfortable lens texture.

USD$18/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day

Buy Here:http://new.pinkicon.com/zh-tw/gallery-363.html

Eyeddict 1Day #01 Umber Bright

Dark Brown Outer Ring is perfectly match with Asian Brown iris. 

It makes your eyes look brighter and look soft.

USD$18.42/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #01 Umber Bright

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-46765.html



Eyeddict 1Day #02 Winter Leaf

#02 is a very special contact lens. With Dark grey limbal ring blending with golden brown highlight to give a deep enchanting look. 

It is great to use with your sweety party look.

USD$18.42/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #02 Winter Leaf

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-46967.html



Eyeddict 1Day #03 Baby Dual

One Tone Camel brown limbal ring gives you a vibrant look

Not too many pattern on this lens which is good to use in your formal look.

When you take a close up look, it should be the endearing young eyes.

USD$18.42/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #03 Baby Dual

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-47025.html



Eyeddict 1Day #04 Burgundy Lost

Dark brown limbal ring blending with Rich mocha tones to give a bright captivating look. 

If your iris color is not dark enough, with #04 Burgundy Lost, you may have the deeper charming eyes!


USD$18.42/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #04 Burgundy Lost

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-47179.html


Eyeddict 1Day #05 Midnight Sheer

Love to wear Gray lens? You may have a try of #05 Midnight Sheer

Soft Gray outer ring with glittering gold shine to give a sophisticated look.

USD$18/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #05 Midnight Sheer

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-47333.html


Eyeddict 1Day #06 Dusty Nude

Hot Seller Item! #06 Dusty Nude, Gray with brown and amber tones give an elegant look!

USD$18.42/1Box 10pcs Eyeddict 1Day #06 Dusty Nude

Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-48479.html


Let’s learn about the Japanese Girly Black Tea Make Up!


Apply the Pink tone eye shadow on your eye sockets. Put some pearl white shadow on the eye end parts.


Step 2:

Put some feuille morte color eyeshadow on the inner corner, the Black Tea Look comes out!


Step 3:

Draw a shining brown eyeliner and apply the mascara to give you the eye-popping lashes for days.


Step 4:

Use some pinky blush to make yourself look more girly!


Step 5:

Most Important! You may use Matte Lip Stain. It will looks much warmer for the whole makeup.


Final Look!!


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