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What is Base Curve?

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Specifications of a box of contact lenses is very important. It gives you an idea of what the contact lenses are like, and you definitely have to know what the items on specifications represent.

Here is a Q&A Session about Base Curve

Q: What is Base Curve?

A: Base Curve, as known as B.C., is the radius of the back of the contact lens, as well as the curvature of your eye, is the part that the contact lens sits on your eye. It represents how curved your contact lens is. In optical theory, Base Curve is “The curve from which all other curves are measured.”. There are different Base Curve values for different contact lens. The measurement affects how the contact lens fits on your eye. Different Base Curve values can change how you feel and see from the lens.


Q: What is the Base Curve value that does not fit me?

A: There is no definition as a Base Curve value that does not fit you. Everyone has different Base Curve value of their eyes. You have to remember one thing: there is no such thing as one fits all. You have to know the Base Curve value of your eye, as well as the value of the contact lenses you wear.


Q: Any recommendations on popular small Base Curve lenses?

A: There are a few hot items we can choose for small Base Curve lenses; Revia Series is one of them. Revia has a Base Curve value of 8.6. The series has a total of 10 color styles you can choose from, including the all new Revia Private 1 Day. Revia Private 1 Day is known for its natural gradient color layering, outstanding magnification yet natural effect. This Series is suitable for all occasions, especially for smart casual outfits. The color design of this series make you look fresh and smart, most girls use this series for work and school. The energetic vibe you can get from this series is unbelievably strong!

On the other hand, Candy Magic 1 Day Aqua is also a great choice if you want a classy look. Aqua has a Base Curve of 8.6. The series provides a wide variety of different types of colors for all smart casual occasions. One of the most iconic items, Marriage Moca, has the perfect design for whoever seeks natural and attention-seeking vibe. The colored part of the lens is similar to human iris color, absolutely a top pick for nude makeups. The magnification is significant as well, the lens is known for the magnification as well. You have to try it on if you wish to look best in the crowd.

We cannot miss out EYEDDICT as well. EYEDDICT has a Base Curve of 8.7. What’s special about this series is the flawless design, allowing the lens and the eyes combine as one. The color use of these lenses are exquisite as well. There are no exaggerating designs or patterns, most suitable for going out dates and work.

Q: What if I want some small Base Curve monthly colored contact lens?

A: No doubt Vivi Ring is the best choice for small Base Curve monthly colored contact lens. The lens has a Base Curve of 8.6. Vivi Ring is known for the dark colored outer circle. The outer circle gives you stereoscopic eyes. It’s also a natural colored contact lens, easy to combine with different outfits. Vivi Ring has low water content. If you have dry eyes, these lenses are definitely suitable for you. Say no more to dry eyes!


Q: Then what about large Base Curve lenses? What are the best items I can get?

A: You don’t have to hesitate getting PeinAge Luxe. The lens has a Base Curve of 8.6. PienAge Luxe is famously known for the large colored diameter. Most users use it for cute outfits, specially made for Asian girls. The series has a wide variety of color choices for girls who crave for teen vibe. Draw your crush’s attention with this contact lens.

You can get the attractive looks with the large Base Curve Secret CandyMagic as well. The lens has the Base Curve of 8.9. The fascinating part of this series is the color and pattern Secret CandyMagic has brought us. The pattern of this series is naturally designed, you can easily fit this series in your daily life makeup routine.

Starlight series is also a game-changer as well. The lens has a Base Curve of 8.8. This colored contact lens is created with three color layers to form the gradient color. As for the pattern, the design uses exquisite star patterns to create the starry sky of your fantasy. Everything goes magical with these lenses.


Q: How do I know which Base Curve valued colored contact lenses suits me the best?

A: Comfortability of wearing our colored contact lenses is our top concern to our beloved customers. Therefore, before any contact lens purchase, we highly recommend you to inquire your optician for knowing more about your eyes. Your base curve is prescribed to you. A professional optician can give you more details about your Base Curve value. You should only wear contacts with a Base Curve that is the same as the Base Curve prescribed to you for the perfect fit. Get your best fitted contact lenses right now!


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