What you must know about colored contact lenses?

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Purchasing colored contact lenses is not just about choosing color styles, you must be aware of the water content level. Why? Because it affects your comfortability when you wear it throughout the day! However, there’s a misconception of people thinking “The higher the water content level, the more moisturising you feel.”, leading to purchasing colored contact lenses that do not suit you best. How can we properly choose which level of water content is best for yourself? Here are a few tips we would love to share to you before each purchase. A friendly reminder, remember to inquire your optician for professional suggestions.


The water content misconception


The higher the water content level, the better it feels? That’s absolutely not the case! You must know more about your own eyes before deciding which level of water content is best for you. As shown below, the higher the water content level, the easier the water in the lens evaporates. It’s like a sponge soaking water from your eyes constantly to keep how the lenses are shaped, which means your eyes may feel dryness easier comparing to lower water content level lenses.


So, between high water content and low water content, which suits me best?





Low Water Content: Suitable for a longer time of wearing, as well as for people who easily get dry eyes. Lenses with lower water content have longer product life, reducing precipitates on the lenses.


High Water Content: Suitable for a shorter time of wearing, best for users with more tears. High water content also means having higher breathability, lenses are softer comparing to low water content level lenses. However, if your eyes are dry while you wear high water content level lenses will affect the comfortability of wearing throughout the day.


For targeting people who wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours, most of the lenses have water content level up to 38% to 40%. Remember to inquire your optician for professional suggestions.



High water content (>50%)

ReVIA Private 1day (58% Water content)


Using Etafilcon A material, soft and stretchy, as well as having a good moisturising effect, best for short period wearing with maximum comfortability.





The all-new ReVia Private 1day comes with 3 color choices, with exquisite small and detailed patterns. It's one of the best elegance vibe spreading colored contact lenses.


Photo Creditmorecon_staffz

Lens Diameter:14.1mmColored Diameter:13.0mmBased Curve:8.6mmWater Content:58%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/32XywjG





Eyeddict 55% (55%Water content)

The new series uses Ocfilcon D material, breathable and having less precipitants on the lenses. In general, it’s an all-rounded material.


Eyeddict series has both high and low water content for all colored contact lenses users. No wonder it’s a top choice for all girls!

Photo Creditmorecon_staffz

Lens Diameter:14.2mmColored Diameter:13.5mmBased Curve:8.7mmWater Content:55%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/2qJ1SEs




Pienage UVM 55% 1 day (55% water content)

The newly launched Pienage UVm 55% 1 series uses 2-HEMA, wearing this thin and soft designed colored contact lenses won’t even make you feel like you are wearing one!



The elegant colored contact lenses are built for Asians for getting a foreigner looks, natural and eye-catching. The other selling point is the colored contact lenses have Anti-UV, helps you repel 83% of UV-A and 98% of UV-B, hands down the best eye-protecting colored contact lenses.





Lens Diameter:14.2mmColored Diameter:13.6mmBased Curve:8.6mmWater Content:55%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/2pVY2XZ




OLENS Spanish 1 Day (48% water content)

The well-known Spanish series uses exclusive OLENS PUSCON material, the breathability is outstanding and it’s 5 to 6 times more breathable than normal low water content colored contact lenses material. Spanish also has good comfortability and stay moisturizing throughout the day.



The OLENS Top Seller Spanish Series is absolutely a game-changer among all colored contact lenses. If you are aware of colored contact lenses, you know there’s no replacement for this series, gives you the perfect fancy and trendy European style of your dreams.



Lens Diameter:14.2mmColored Diameter:11.9mmBased Curve:8.7mmWater Content:48%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/342Fowx




OLENS 1 Month ViVi Ring (38%water content)

BLACKPINK endorsed series, uses the most popular material for colored contact lenses, HEMA. The 38% low water content material is best for wearing it all day but not getting dry eyes. 

On the other hand, HEMA material does not stick other small dirty substances in the air, with the long-lasting product life, most suitable for monthly use.


ViViRing Monthly colored contact lenses is always a hot item. With the new colors released, girls who crave for sweet and innocent eyes must get ViViRing!

Photo Creditpoplens_official

Lens Diameter:14.0mmColored Diameter:13.0mmBased Curve:8.6mmWater Content:38%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/366bA40




Fairy 1Day (38%water content)

Uses 2-HEMA and EGDMA material, which highly increases the durability, elasticity and stability. It also helps you maintain the water content level at a breathable and comfortable level, suitable for wearing throughout the day.



The classic Japanese colored contact lenses, two types of colored diameter and brightness of the outer circle for you to choose from, it’s one of the best large colored diameter lenses you can get.


Lens Diameter:14.2-14.5mmColored Diameter:13.3-13.8mmBased Curve:8.7mmWater Content:38%

Purchase Link: http://bit.ly/346Co2l




Different material use and water content have their advantages, but in the end, you must choose which suits you best, and when and where are you wearing the colored contact lenses. Style matters for sure, but eye health is more important. A little tip: try to get different colored contact lenses with different specifications and see which suits you best. Let’s go find out which colored suits you best right now!





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