【Katy】PienAge Luxe X Katy’s 大眼妆新体验

【Katy】PienAge Luxe X Katy’s Dolly Eyes New Styles

Post time:2018-04-18 12:00

Brand new 14.5mm big diameter lens Pienage Luxe 1day is now sold in Pinkicon. 

Hong Kong Youtuber – Katy have tried all 4styles in her recent video. Let's take a look on that.


Box with lovely flower packing! Wanna have a try?


PienAge Luxe Chance 日拋

Chance is designed with black outer ring, which help your eyes look much rounder and with the light brown inner pattern, it can enlarge your pupil much naturally.

You may use dark color eye shadow when you are wearing the Chance. For the blusher part, you may choose some pinky style.

 The Color Diameter of Pienage Luxe is 13.8mm. Those who love dolly eyes will definitely love this series!

USD$18.42/Box PienAge Luxe Chance 1Day


Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-48439.html


PienAge Luxe Mellow 1Day

The choco brown color Mellow 1day con. With 3 tone pattern, it can lighten your eyes.

Mellow is one of the TOP Seller in this serieswith natural choco color, it will make your look much younger!  

USD$18.42/Box PienAge Luxe Mellow 1Day


Buy Herehttps://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-46725.html


PienAge Luxe Praline 1Day

If you still wanna to try much lighter lens, you may choose Praline. 

Very special orange brown color is suitable for those who have dark eyes. 

Also, it has UV Protection which can take good care for your eyes in summer.

USD$18.42/Box PienAge Luxe Praline 1Day


Buy Here: https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-46685.html


PienAge Luxe Mirage 1Day

The last but not least , No.1 top seller Mirage is mixed with a little bit green. 

With blurry pattern, you can try to make your eyes much colorful but natural!


USD$18.42 PienAge Luxe Mirage 1Day


Buy Here https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/product-46325.html


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