【DingDing】Pienage Luxe 1day打造流行日常妝容

【DingDing】Pienage Luxe 1day Collection

Post time:2018-04-20 12:00

Want to get your new look in 2018? Must-Buy item Pienage Luxe 1Day should be your new choice! Ding Ding have tried the full set of Pienage Luxe. Take a look on that!


Many of the girls are attracted by the flower box packing of Pienage Luxe 1Day at the first glance. There are total of 4+2 new styles in this collection

Eyeshots for Pieange Luxe 1Day

USD$18.42/Box Pienage Luxe 1Day

Buy Herehttps://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/gallery-383.html



Points of Pienge Luxe :

1.      14.5mm Big Diameter, much apparent enlargement.

2.      42.5% Water Content, more comfortable wearing experience.

3.      With MPC, less drying feel for your eyes.

4.    UV Protection, can block 83%UV-A and 98%UA-B which can protect your eyes


Look 1 #Praline 日抛

Praline is the lightest one in this series which is suitable for those who have dark pupils! 

Almond x Choco Color will make your eyes much natural!


Brighten your eye sockets with champagne gold eye shadow and deepen the contours of the eye with dark brown color.

Using eye pencil to stretch a long and thick eyeliner, in order to  create the round eyes.


Look 2 #Chance 1Day

Lens to make you much girly! Chance 1Day is the lens with Dark Brown and Light Brown Pattern, it is good to sharpen your eyes.

Apply both brown and orange eyeshadow under the double eyelid to increase the sense of color.

To match with your makeup, you may draw a longer eyeline.


Look 3 #Mirage 1Day

Top Seller Mirage 1daywith green tone and blurry pattern, it lets your eyes more charming.



With 3-color gradient effect, distribution of your pupil color are more even


Look 4 #Mellow 1Day

Super natural chocolate color - Mellow, melting your eyes just like chocolate.

Those who loves bigger and rounder eyes should have this.

match with your naked eyes, which are suitable for OL and students.

 DingDing use Mellow for her party look. 

Little secret! Want to use to create a full silkworm, you can use gold color to brighten the double eyelids and eye stomach, it will look super vitality!


Time to change your lens style!

Get it now : https://www.pinkicon.com/en-us/gallery-383.html


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