1-Day ACUVUE Define

Want an easy and affordable way to enhance the appearance of your eyes? Look no further than 1-Day ACUVUE Define. This famous range of contact lenses is perfect for bringing out the natural beauty of your eyes, adding great depth and definition as their name suggests.

The sheer color gradient in the 1-Day ACUVUE Define range features an overlap of 3 layers, creating a mesmerizing color gradient effect. The lens’ designs are based on the natural patterns occurring in the iris, giving your eyes a brighter and wider appearance, making sure you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

All-Day Comfort and Hydration

Offering more than just stunning eyes, the 1-Day ACUVUE Define collection also provides outstanding comfort. Their water content level of 58% means the lenses are inherently soft, creating a more comfortable wearing experience throughout the course of each day.

With sophisticated moisture locking technology, the fine pigmented particles in these lenses will never make direct contact with your eyes. Each lens, while being very soft on the eye, is simultaneously still firm enough to stay in place and not shift around the eye’s surface.

As if all that wasn’t enough, ACUVUE Define lenses also provide a good level of UV protection to help keep your eyes largely shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, these contacts have a high level of oxygen permeability which allows air to reach the eye reliably through the tiny gaps between each color pigment particle.

Want to know more about our 1-Day ACUVUE Define range? Please feel free to get in touch with the team here at Pink Icon. We are available through a multitude of social media sites and numerous contact avenues, so visit this page to contact us through your preferred method. Our helpful customer service team are always happy to help!



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